Top Ten Reasons to Choose Hosted VoIP Services

Hosted voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services can level the playing field for small and mid-sized businesses, making enterprise-grade communications available for a monthly subscription fee. At the same time, the flexibility of hosted business telephony offers unparalleled value for larger players as well.

Here’s a look at ten reasons hosted VoIP services could be the right choice for your business:

1. Lower upfront cost: VoIP services maintain a system infrastructure on behalf of the subscriber. That means there’s no need for your business to purchase costly equipment such as an IP private branch exchange (PBX) or to upgrade the data network to support VoIP communications.
2. Maintenance benefits: Maintenance is the hosted provider’s responsibility. You can count on the service provider to maintain and upgrade the network infrastructure as needed. In addition, the hosted VoIP company takes care of moves, adds, and changes. Your company reaps the benefits of hassle-free communications and lower IT costs.
3. More advanced features: Hosted VoIP services offer on-demand access to advanced features. With the costs shared among the community of subscribers, even smaller businesses can enjoy enterprise-grade features such as unified communications and contact center functionality.
4. Customized feature packages: A la carte pricing enables you to pay only for the features you use. Build a customized feature package that suits your business’ requirements and add or remove features as needed.
5. Greater flexibility: Hosted VoIP services offer an ideal choice for businesses whose workers are mobile and/or dispersed across multiple locations. In this scenario, a centralized premises system puts unnecessary demands on the company’s network. A hosted service is easy to deploy to multiple changing locations, and offers service benefits for end users.
6. Scalability: Businesses managing rapid growth, seasonal shifts, or other dynamic changes are best served with a hosted service. Hosted plans allow clients to adjust their capacity and number of seats to reflect their current needs. Depending on the plan, you may be able to adjust your scale monthly.
7. No integration issues: Premises systems often rely on integration between legacy and new VoIP equipment, which can produce session initiation protocol (SIP)-compatibility issues and service disruptions. Hosted VoIP services maintain a seamless infrastructure offsite, avoiding the complications of patchwork technology.
8. State-of-the-art network infrastructure: Hosted services upgrade their network regularly, affording clients access to next-generation network technology.
9. Ease of use: Hosted VoIP is easy on the user. Training requirements are minimal and users can adjust their preferences directly using a Web dashboard.
10. Productivity: Access to advanced functionality, easy maintenance from remote locations, and a user-friendly system add up to advantages in worker productivity. Low maintenance demands also free up internal IT staff to focus on more high-value pursuits.

Together, these ten benefits present a solid case for choosing hosted VoIP services. For smaller companies looking for enterprise-grade communications and larger companies seeking flexibility, hosted services offer an unbeatable value

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