Cutting edge call visualisation delivered real time via web browsers.

Achieve productivity through data intelligence

icall suite from Symmetry Networks delivers fully integrated cloud call analytics for powerful data visualization, accessible via any internet-facing device.

Businesses can monitor call metrics critical to their business by accessing real-time reports, ‘click and drill’ dashboards, wallboards and call recordings via live tiles that have been optimized specifically for mobile devices. 

iCS online powerful cloud call analytics makes call accounting simple.

From $1.85/ per extention         .

At a glance business productivity console

iCS insight is an intuitive business productivity tool enabling businesses to monitor inbound and outbound calls via pre-defined dashboards and wallboards.

Detailed call reporting, call accounting and dashboards
iCS report delivers enhanced level call reporting, call logging and call analytics via configurable dashboards and wallboards in the cloud.

Cloud call analytics for customer-facing teams
iCS report premier enriches iCS report for the management of customer-facing teams in real-time. Monitor ACD / hunt groups, call queues and incoming calls on users via the cloud.oud.

Call recording, quality monitoring & evaluation
Integrate with your own hosted call recording system (such as Orecx) or use our on-premise SIP recording module iCS record for call recording, playback and evaluation.

Achieve productivity through data intelligence

iCS Record features

Choose between fully scalable iCS Record entry-level playback and iCS Record Plus enhanced version:

Supervisor playback based on permissions with full audit trail.
Call tagging with quality monitoring.
Built-in dashboards and analytics to improve customer service.
My console which provides access to end user’s own recordings.

iCS Insight features

The at-a-glance console monitors performance to visualise call activity and improve customer service.
Visual wallboards display key business metrics.

iCS Contact features

 Contact centre modelling. Review past performance and use “what if” calculations to forward plan staff shifts.
 Contact centre reporting delivers live call statistics for queues and agents.
 Wallboards display group performance parameters on a live tile; an essential tool for any contact team environment.
 Agent reporting provides live agent analytics such as number / duration of calls and availability.
 Supervisor management tools.

iCS Report premier features

Real time reporting. Live calls waiting and call handling statistics by hunt group and DDI.
 Staff resourcing to review performance and use “what if” calculations to forward plan staff shifts.
 Monitor call handling presence.
 Essential team statistics at a glance via dashboards and wallboards.

iCS Detect features

 Live notification alerts and actions.
 Prioritise and customise alarms.
 Self-learning profiles based on call trends.
 Automatic call barring.

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