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An easy, one – stop, completely managed network solution


Why do you need Symmetry
It’s easy to get connected but often hard to find the right fit for your company. You need speed, capacity and a managed internet environment that delivers secure and reliable performance.

Symmetry is here to help clear up the confusion of too much technology, varied service providers and the ‘jargon overload’ you can experience when trying to navigate the options.

Symmetry delivers a managed network that provides security, control and monitoring through the use of Cisco Meraki. This can be for a small business environment through Cisco Meraki Z1 or a higher powered option with the Cisco Meraki MX64HW.

Why use Symmetry?
Because Symmetry provides expert, bespoke solutions no matter the size of your business and delivers an economical, reliable and quality assured connectivity of all your data and network services.

Who is Symmetry?
Symmetry is a specialist business communications company that is operated by expert hands with decades of experience in this rapidly evolving industry. We are committed to taking the confusion, jargon and sales pitches out of the proceedings, and offering you the best possible cost-effective technologies that work with you, not against you.

How can you connect to the best Internet, network and data services for your business?

With Symmetry.
Symmetry understands that the foundation of business is communications. And those communications simply must run smoothly. You don’t want to be hit by a cyber attack or find your connection is down at a crucial moment. We provide the redundancy, the back-up and the management to support you every step of the way.

We talk to you in a language you understand, treat you like the valued client that you are and provide secure, reliable connections and services.

Talk to us today to discover how Symmetry can work for your business.

Product Deep Dive


Features & Benefits

It’s a one-stop shop
You have only one port of call for your internet, network and/or data services. Symmetry handles everything for you – from the customised set-up right through to behind-the-scenes upgrades, maintenance and daily back-ups.

It’s safe
We deliver the most secure, reliable and economical connections available today – Symmetry puts your security and privacy at the forefront, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

It’s fast
We provide the best possible internet access available for your office and give you the speed that increases business efficiency and deliver hassle free connectivity.

It’s easy to maintain
Our expert IT team provides maintenance and upgrades at no extra cost – it’s all part of your customised package. With access a professional IT team located off-site, you’ll always have help while saving on having to employ additional IT staff.

It’s tailor-made for you
We work with you to determine your exact business communications needs – we love to collaborate. Part of Symmetry’s skill set is the ability to understand different business environments and their precise requirements.

It’s flexible
We are proud to deliver you flexible, scalable packages – your solution can evolve with your business and you can add and remove services as you need.

It saves you money
There are no hidden costs and you won’t be paying for services you don’t use or need. By unifying your business communications, and by dealing with only one provider in Symmetry, you will see the savings almost immediately.

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