Disaster Recovery Best Practices for Online Backup & Restore

Server downtime means you can’t serve your customers and you can’t execute your companies transactions/services, leading, potentially, to thousands of dollars of lost revenue. Recent data shows that 76 percent of companies experienced an outage in the last year and only 13 percent of those outages were the result of natural disasters. Most “disasters” are related to human error and minor power outages, and the expectation is that data recovery should be fast without flooding, torrential rain, or other factors to address. However, using dated backup solutions to meet modern day business continuity needs will not work.

Simple Data Backup is simply not a comprehensive information and application recovery solution.

Symmetry Supply backup methods that not only secure your data at our at one of our vendors Tier III data centres but provide you with the ability to virtually recreate your servers in the cloud in a matter of minutes. Most companies still backup but locally, and think this method will protect them if there’s an issue with their local infrastructure but what if disaster strikes? The unfortunate reality is that while the while a local backup is inexpensive and convenient if your building burns down or your servers are stolen, you’re stuffed.

These data methods also do not ensure quick recovery when a disaster occurs – it only ensures that the data is stored somewhere and can be accessed – eventually. With Symmetry Virtual Image Backup solutions we can restore your Windows Server as virtual machine in the cloud, a Virtual Machine operates the same way your on-premise server works it’s just the cloud.

Even if you do store your data offsite and in the unlikely event your server fails, ask yourself the below:

1, How quickly can I get a new machine delivered?
2, How quickly can I get the server compiled?
3, How quickly can I get the data restored?

and Lastly

4, How much loss of business will be accrued due to the above?

When a disaster occurs with Symmetry Virtual Image Back up’s we can have you back up online in hours not days!

Oh, don’t even get me started about the security benefits, have you heard of ransomware?

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