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Fully integrated call reporting (cloud , on-premise or hybrid) to monitor inbound and outbound calls – using any device.
Cloud call analytics with recording
Stand-alone cloud call reporting
On-premise call reporting
Web access call reporting and recording

Reporting on call activity can help you see your business in a whole new light

Manage, analyse and control communications with Symmetry’s comprehensive and easy to use call logging and call reporting software. Symmetry call analytics integrates fully with your telephony system to deliver granular call reporting, call logging, visual wallboards and intuitive dashboards.

Call analytics enables businesses to visualise, analyse, extract and manipulate call data. In-depth analysis of call data will identify critical business metrics such as which extension or group of extensions calls are transferred to where, how many calls are missed and how, when and where they were missed. Managers are able to visualise call data in dashboards and reports to find trends in activity, improve productivity across the business and make informed decisions.

What sort of information can be accessed?

Unreturned missed call reporting. Detailed reports on unreturned missed calls and the respective resolution times of these calls. This area is a quick win for any business and should be at the heart of any service strategy for improved customer satisfaction and retention.
Real-time call reporting provides valuable insight into how long it takes to resolve a call, how long the caller had to wait to be answered and how the call was resolved e.g. by the customer calling in again or the customer being called.
Specific DDI reporting enables marketing teams to directly source leads and run detailed reports to maximise campaign planning.
First Contact Resolution (FCR) analysis can have a major impact on customer satisfaction. Understanding FCR rates can help any business with customer facing sales, service or technical teams to keep an eye on the success of new customer interactions.
By integrating call recording with call analytics, businesses can track how long a caller waits to be answered or called back, then assess how the call progresses by listening to the recording. From this it can be determined if the call outcome was negatively affected by the wait time, thus facilitating more informed decision-making.
Live statistics and reporting on contact teams such as call queues, coupled with historical trends enables managers to streamline staff modelling, thus helping to achieve greater efficiencies.

Call analytics is proven to help businesses to develop a complete picture of customer interactions across job roles and departments, to help decide how to do it better.

Why monitor inbound and outbound calls?


Identify trends in performance


Detailed analysis


Resource planning


Increase productivity
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